With a career spanning over 35 years across two continents, Ellen Pabst von Ohain is an open, focused and intuitive coach, consultant and mentor. As a lecturer at EU Business School Munich, she inspires learners to connect the dots between theory and hands-on practice. Ellen develops students’ professional skills in the understanding and improvement of their own performance, preparing them for their positioning and self-promotion in the international job market. Through her long-term, ongoing social engagement at a major, international nonprofit organization, she has been elected to their board of directors where she now holds the position of strategic chair.

Ellen Pabst von Ohain
Ellen Pabst von Ohain

One of the most valuable lessons one could ever teach students is to help them learn to teach themselves. So, hold on to curiosity - the learning process is lifelong!

Sustainability and Communications Lecturer
Munich Campus

Fachhochschule für Oekonomie & Management: Master of International Business Management and Administration


Statistical Marketing Rutgers University, New Jersey: Bachelor of Science with High Honors


Deutsches Jugendinstitut: Consultant Trainer


Phoenix Sustainable Communications: Managing Director


EU Business School: Professor


Media Design University of Applied Sciences: Instructor/Communications Consultant