There is a kaleidoscope of contrasts in the city of Munich, from Rococo opera halls to cutting edge skyscrapers. The city prides itself on its innovative industry and reputation as a cultural hub making it the perfect place to live while completing your studies.


The balance between urban and open space is a defining feature of Munich. With an overall great quality of life, there are many benefits of living in Munich and although your studies will require a large amount of time and dedication, we advise students to take advantage of exploring the city of Munich.

Life on Munich city of the german EU Business School campus
A cultural, educational and business hub at the heart of Europe

With the modern transport service fully implemented in Munich and the outskirts of the city, it is very easy to get around. The same ticket is valid for all forms of public transportation listed below so if you change from a bus to tram mid journey, you don't need different tickets.




Tickets can be purchased at the blue or red vending machines which are found at U and S-Bahn stations as well as several bus and tram stops and newspaper kiosks. All tickets must be machine stamped before you board the train, tram or bus.




These are suburban trains that travel outside of the urban areas of Munich. They are marked with an 'S' plus a number, there are eight. Stations are usually open from 5am until 2am daily. 





Underground, urban trains which are marked with a 'U' plus a number. Stations are open daily from 5am til 1am.




These are the local and international train connections. The main departure station is the central station (Hauptbahnhof).




Inner district (Innenraum): white zone

Munich XXL : white and green zones, including Dachau

Outer district (Außenraum): green, yellow and red zones

Entire network (Gesamtnetz): all four zones. You will need this ticket if you want to go to/from Munich airport.


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