As one of the fastest growing cities in Europe as well as being a magnet for jobseekers, accommodation in Munich is in very high demand. Before students begin to enjoy the surrounding parks and green areas with friends, experience the local entertainment or dine at local cafes and restaurants, it is essential to find a place to live. We encourage students to start looking for student accommodation in Munich while waiting for their final enrollment documents to ensure they have somewhere sorted before studies begin.


The city of Munich is divided into administrative districts known as Stadtbezirke. Every district has a well-established infrastructure and a wide range of stores, bakeries, fitness centers and entertainment facilities. Our centrally-located campus is easily accessible from all parts of the city via public transport and our EU Munich accommodation officers are available to support students in finding the perfect place to live.

Students make connections and friendships that last a lifetime.
EU Business School Munich Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Munich is challenging for incoming students. As a popular place for individuals to undertake higher education, student accommodation is highly sought after.  A comfortable living environment is a key component of your education experience which is why we ensure our incoming students choose the best possible option for them.  


If you are unsure on what kind of accommodation is best for you, take our quiz:  


Do you like to socialize?

a. 24/7

b. Not really

c. Only on the weekends


You want to live near...

a. Other students

b. The EU Munich Campus

c. Marienplatz


What is your budget?

a. Flexible

b. Money is not a problem

c. The cheaper the better


Are you a risk taker?

a. Not at all

b. I like calculated risks

c. Risky is my business


Do you speak German
a. Nein

b. A little bit

c. I was born to speak German


Before looking for student accommodation in Munich, it's important to consider your budget. Students should plan for a monthly expenditure of around €1,200 and for accommodation expenses. €500-700 for student dorms, €900 and above for student dorms and €700-800 for shared accommodation.  


Our student services can help orient you on many things.